Prem Ramayan: Stories of Love From the Great Epicwith Prem Ramayan: Stories of Love From the Great Epic

Prem Ramayan: Stories of Love From The Great Epic (Trailer)

Prem Ramayan: Stories of Love From The Great Epic (Trailer) with Prem Ramayan: Stories of Love From The Great Epic (Trailer)

The Ramayan is one of the oldest and most popular ancient epics of our times. We’ve all heard the legends of valour and love involving Ram and Sita. But inside this grand mythological saga, reside many other tales of union, devotion, and separation. Prem Ramayan is a [ ] + podcast where the host, Atul Satya Koushik, gives you an insight into twelve such moving love stories. Koushik, a CA by profession and a writer by passion, will offer you a dramatized narration of these epic tales. From the story of Sage Gautam and Ahalya, to that of Laxman and Urmila, the podcast will restore your faith in the simple art of storytelling. [ ] -


Episode 4: Nishkasit Prem – Ahalya and Gautam

A lecherous lord sets his eyes on a mortal beauty. The beauty, though committed to a monk, falls in the lord’s trap and finds herself banished from the life of her monk. But could the monk banish her from his heart as well?

Sep 09, 2021

Episode 3: Rath se Nikla Pahinya – Kaikeyi and Dashrath

A princess of a forest land becomes the Queen of an Emperor who longs for nothing but a continued line of his heirdom. The queen watches her emperor decay over years and she only has to unbound him from his mortal desires.

Sep 09, 2021

Episode 2: Swar aur Shanti – Ram and Sita

A valorous but mostly quiet prince wins the hand of a vocal and vivacious princess as a suitor. The princess seeks commitment and the prince offers more than what she longs. The battle between the “quite” and the “vocal” travels from palaces to forests.  

Sep 09, 2021

Episode 1: Akaal – Shanta and Rishyashringa

A daughter has been given away in adoption only because she was not a son. Now she has to seduce earth’s most celibate monk in order to bring life and prosperity back to her foster father’s kingdom. But what about her own identity?

Sep 09, 2021