Hum Tum aur Fame with Misha - Loving and Living with a Celebrity Partner

Hum, Tum aur Fame With Misha: Loving and Living with a Celebrity Partner (Trailer)

Hum, Tum aur Fame With Misha: Loving and Living with a Celebrity Partner (Trailer)

Of course we all think artists are the coolest of the lot -- the actors, the musicians, the celebrities! But what is it like living with a person who’s ALWAYS in the spotlight? Hum, Tum, Aur Fame with Misha is a podcast where the host, Misha, will sit down with [ ] + the partners of famous Indian celebrities, digging up all the answers! From content creator Kusha Kapila’s husband Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia to stand up comic Rahul Dua’s wife Nidhi Tyagi, the podcast will figure out how easy or difficult it is to love and live with an artist who always has the camera, and a million people, vying for their attention! [ ] -


Last Minute Shoots, Living with Hitesh Bhardwaj, and Other Things Ft. Suditi Srivastava

Marrying and living with an actor must be fun, right? In this episode, RJ Misha poses this question to professor Suditi Srivastava, wife of actor, model, RJ, and host Hitesh Bhardwaj. The two talk about erratic shoot timings, trips that get cancelled and how different actors are, on and off screen.

Jul 28, 2021

Laughing, Marrying Rahul Dua, and Taking Trips Together Ft. Nidhi Tyagi

In this episode, RJ Misha laughs her lungs out with corporate professional Nidhi Tyagi about marrying stand-up comic Rahul Dua, going on trips together, not understanding Punjabi and what it feels like to watch a set that her husband is performing!

Jul 28, 2021

Living With Kusha Kapila and Other Things Ft. Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia

RJ Misha sits down for a fun, heart to heart with Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia, an influencer, digital creator, and husband of internet queen Kusha Kapila. The two talk about living with the spotlight, what a regular day feels like, and why influencers LOVE the golden hour.  

Jul 28, 2021

Loving and Living with Sunny Leone ft. Daniel Weber

In this episode, RJ Misha sits down with musician and entrepreneur Daniel Weber about his marriage to Sunny Leone, making time for each other, and who comes up with better arguments during a fight!

Jul 28, 2021