Calling Karan – Season 2

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Calling Karan – Season 1

Extra Marital Affairs can ruin your Happily Ever After | Karan Johar | Podcast 19 | Calling Karan
What’s that one thing that puts a coma & full stop to a happily ever after relationship? Yes, Extra Marital
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What makes people cheat? | Extra Marital Affairs | Karan Johar | Calling Karan | Ishq 104.8
A riveting episode on extra martial affairs, that deals with the flip side of homosexuality, and infidelity. Join Karan Johar
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Gay man stuck in a marriage calls Karan for Advice | Calling Karan
  It’s true when they say ‘Log kya kahenge?’ killed more dreams than waking up does. Societal pressure makes us
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How Cultural Differences Affect Relationships | Karan Johar | Podcast 20 | Calling Karan
Cultural Differences form an integral subject for the plot of Bollywood movies. No doubt the most common question asked on
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Karan Johar Apologises to Alia Bhatt
While Karan never body shamed anyone, he says Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan have the best body in Bollywood.
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Arjun is the real cake- Calling Karan
While Arjun says that it’s all about the clothes and brands, Karan has a completely different take on love.
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