Calling Karan – Season 2

The meaning of virginity changes from person to person | Calling Karan | Season 2 | Podcast 1
We all know what virginity means, don’t we? But frankly, its meaning changes from person to person. In the first
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You Can Blame Me For Your Breakup Says, Karan Johar
In the first episode, KJo talks about virginity, compatibility and arrange marriages and is indeed Bolder than Before.
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Calling Karan – Season 1

Sanjay Dutt surprises Karan Johar | Calling Karan
With the younger generation going ga-ga over each other on social media, and online dating being the new way of
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Vidya Balan shows Karan Johar who’s the boss | Calling Karan
Karan Johar might be a fresher in Radio, but not everyone is. Vidya Balan dropped a surprise call today to
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Who is the best on-screen bollywood couple? | Calling Karan
Karan Johar is known for his sassy and honest responses to everything. This isn’t a man who minces his words,
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Stop checking their phone! It’s a recipe for disaster! | Calling Karan
She was cheated on many times, and he is always surrounded by beautiful women. Karan Johar helps you break down
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B-Town Celebrities on Calling Karan
The Lux Golden Rose Awards red carpet was graced by the top celebrities of Bollywood. While some needed serious help
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The Secret to Making a Hit Film | Calling Karan
Instinct, Passion & Hard work is what you need to make a hit film, says Karan. Prayers always help, thus
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