This Could by Far Be the Best Thing to Do in Rome

Posted on: 05/04/18

Perhaps, no other city is as suitable to walk and explore as Rome is. Despite the hard, potholed roads and cobblestoned streets, you will some real gems along the way. Rome reveals itself like a flower that blooms through spring: slowly and majestically.


Every street is a small couplet to the vast historical epic called Rome. There are many walking tours available to choose from. The best way to decide on the tours is to chalk out the places-far-from-the-city plan first. Walking is the best way to experience Rome when your budget is stretched.

Here are some of the best walking tours, catering to your curious mind and wanderlust soul:

Walking tours with Claudia:

Claudia takes you to places in the city that every other person would. But travelling along with her you find stories, information and her narration is brilliant. Her way of speaking will captivate you as she leads you through the Colosseum, the Palatine Hills or the ancient Roman Forum. Claudia provides you with many walking tours. There is a Downtown walking tour, the ancient Ostia walking tour, Colosseum and Forum walking tour, the Vatican Private walking tour and others. Check out their website for all the details you need.

Walking with Frommer’s:

Frommer’s gives you a pleasing experience with warm hospitality, thrifty plans suited to stretched time and budget. If your time is really short, go for their ‘Rome of the Caesars’ tour that focuses on all the central monuments and ruins with the best architecture. Frommers takes you to the heart of Rome, the Palazzo del Quirinale. This place once used to be the epicentre of the religious and commercial hub in Rome. It still has surprises for you. Walk in the ‘Heart of Rome’ tour to know more about it.

Walking with Dark Rome:

Giving you a fresh idea about the city, a walking tour with Dark Rome is an excellent way to get to know the place and plan your trip ahead. While they lead you to the main architectural and historical attractions, they would also guide you through the secret corners of Rome. With intimate, small groups the trip advisors listen to everything that you have to say, harping on each person’s individual experience. A really nice way to get to know a city!

‘Cook with Us in Rome!’.

Do we need to say anything more? You and your partner would walk with 5 other couples (or six or seven), learn the history of the place while cooking delicious  pasta. This agency starts the day with going to a market where you choose the fresh produce. With all the shopping and cooking material in hand, you go through the historic centres of the city before reaching the studio. Inside the studio you cook. Perhaps Italy is the perfect place to dig this walking tour. Don’t go without learning to bake the delicious tiramisu!

Rex biking and walking tours.

We kept the last seat for the most patient one of all. Rex walking tours are known for the time they allow their guests to sink in the places they walk you through. They guide you through the streets of Rome narrating tales not from history books, but from old fables of childhood it seems. With facts and funny stories about Roman culinary and culture, opt for their ‘Night in Rome’ tour which offers you a delicious dinner and a city swarming with breathtaking light.


As Steven Wright said, ‘Everything is within walking distance if you have the time.’ And walking a different city altogether, with your partner beside you…well, ‘This part of my life, this little part, is called happiness!’ 🙂


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