“You right-swiped your best friend’s boyfriend on Tinder?” – Karan Johar

Posted on: 12/12/17



Karan is all set to discuss online-wala pyaar (or should we say ishq? ) in this episode. However, he was up for some real ride, thanks to Gitanjali. Here’s how!

If this is shocking enough, we can assure you that the ride has just started. Kritika’s boyfriend right-swiped her too, making it a match, and now, the game is afoot! The floor now belongs to Gitanjali and the boy.

Read on.

Karan’s response to this mess is even more wondrous!

At this point, Karan asks her to choose between the boy and the friendship, because they were clearly being unfair to Kritika. Gitanjali however, provides us with a stunning answer.

And this steamy conversation on conflicts has just begun. You can find the full conversation in the video here


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