Ofcourse, I have been attracted to my actors – Karan Johar

Posted on: 07/12/17

  1. Have you ever dated someone on a film set?

    “Dated no. Others yes. Not others, I mean other things.”

  2. Have you ever fallen for your colleague?

    “No, I haven’t. Unfortunately, office romance hasn’t happened to me per se.”

3. Does Dharma Production encourage office romance?

“Oh totally! I encourage office romance. I encourage any form of love and lust inside my office corridor.”

4. Have you ever dealt with a person who had feelings for you but you didn’t?

“It has never happened to me. I have always felt for people who don’t feel for me. I am that tragic one-sided love, brand ambassador. I invariably don’t like people who like me.”

5. Have you ever been attracted to your actors?

“Have I been attracted? Of course I have.”

So as Karan Says…



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