Lovers who were F.R.I.E.N.D.S first – our love letter to Monica and Chandler

Posted on: 06/09/17

“Do you think he knew I was here?”

Ross didn’t then. But we did, and we were hooked for life. The shouts, hoots and screeches from the live audience could only dissipate some of the shock that had gripped us, most of us had turned into our own version of Janice, muttering ‘oh my god’ time and again till we got tired of our own voice. When the information had started to sink in – it fit instantly. It seemed like something we had known all along. Monica and Chandler are a thing.

He had peed on her leg to get rid of jellyfish sting; she had given him a crash course on the erogenous zone heat map in a woman’s body. They were that close. For most, that kind of gets into the ‘too close for romance’ zone, but that’s just another barricade that we put up in the way of certain beautiful and healthy relationships.

Disclaimer: Falling in love with your best friend doesn’t always work. (Please spare us the lengthy hate mails in case you’ve had bad experience in the said scenario)

Well, Monica herself had laughed the relationship off. Swish out your F.R.I.E.N.D.S flash memory and rummage your way to the end of Season 3.

According to dear Harmonica, being “Chandler” (read the person who steals food from her fridge and has probably known her since the time she was called “big fat goalie”) took him out of the boyfriend race. But we all know how that ended.

Point is culture has groomed us to look for raging passion, to find that one person who makes our knees weak, to celebrate dysfunction, separation, even jealousy. Take Ross and Rachel for example, “the lobsters” – the ones who were “never off the table” – their relationship glued the world to the edges of their seats with their infamous on and off dynamic. Every minute in their relationship was a rollercoaster and we watched it all with gaping mouths, a tub of popcorn and extra-large tissue box. All this while, a completely

different relationship took shade in the plotline and then came into its own as a giant banyan tree, the one which gave roots and stability to all other relationships in the series.

We can’t promise to show you reasons as to why they just clicked, because honestly we would fail. The beauty of their relationship is painted by the nuances, the little quips, the small actions, the daily chores – all of which came together to reach important milestones like moving in together, wedding, house in the suburbs and eventually kids.

We did ask around though, as you know one cannot have enough F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatics around. In fact a lot of them stopped by the cubicle when they spotted the title, and kept engaging in several points that they would like to make. So here are few points on why, even 13 years after F.R.I.E.N.D.S last aired, Monica and Chandler still manage to give us relationship goals!


1. Sarcasm? Mild OCD? Bring it on!

These individuals were far from being perfect. A sarcasm vending machine & a cleanliness and control freak could have made a very odd match. But they cared for each other deeply, and despite being subject to each other’s worst selves, they still found a way to love each other with all their heart. They loved each other for who they really are.


2.  Friends to lovers in a split second

Monica’s famous “we weren’t that close, anyway” to Chandlers “it’s likely we’ve effectively ruined our friendship” – the first time they saw each other naked just describes it all. Going from friends to lovers is so tricky that it ruins a lot of relationships, but these champs went about it like it was no one’s business, like they were always toeing with the line, and knew that someday things will fall in place.


3. Soul mates are for the lazy

They did not believe in soul-mates. In Monica’s own words, she did not believe that they were meant to be, she believed that they fell in love and worked hard at their relationship to make it stick. Their relationship was never easy, but it was worth all of it.


4. I’ll be there for you, coz you’re there for me too

Among the F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Chandler was always the most financially stable – he had a high paying job and a great carrier graph – but somehow loathed it. So one fine day, when he took the decision to quit it and do something he actually loved; Monica did not even bat an eye. She completely supported his decision and gave him the assurance that they’ll be okay.


5. Forgive and Forget. Live and let live.

Chandler had dismissed Monica because she was fat, and she was responsible for his missing toe. But it took just minutes for them to get past that information and move on. This is one of the main reasons why they stuck forever. When we spend so much time with a person, it’s very much possible that we deliberately or unconsciously end up hurting the person we love. If the other keeps holding a grudge every time that happens, it weakens the relationship from its core.


6. There’s no I in TEAM

Hormones and woozy feelings only take us through the honeymoon phase of the relationship. After that it’s all about fighting life battles as a team and braving battle scars with each other. Monica and Chandler excelled at that. Remember Chandler’s heartfelt plea to Erica when she found out about the mix up of adoption papers? I am sure you do, but will still put it out here, just so we revel in the warmth of these words again.

My wife’s an incredible woman. She’s loving and devoted and caring. And don’t tell her I said this, but the woman’s always right… I love my wife more than anything in this world. It kills me that I can’t give her a baby… I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I’ll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife… she’s already there. She’s a mother… without a baby… Please?

Well, that’s it folks, not that you need a reason to love Monica and Chandler, but just saying that there are reasons enough. Also, this article is a low key attempt at making you guys crave for F.R.I.E.N.D.S so much, that one of you finally decides to join us in starting a petition to Netflix India for adding F.R.I.E.N.D.S to their database. It’s a blasphemy that they don’t have it already. Seriously folks, indulge us, please! Also, concluding this long love letter to one of our favourite TV couples by saluting the writers who spotted the spark between Mathew Perry and Courtney Cox, and decided to make them a pair. Thank you, whoever you are, you’ve definitely added to whatever little goodness there is, in this world.


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