Are you just bored or do you need to break up? | Calling Karan

Posted on: 08/12/17

It is important to understand that unless you’re in an arranged marriage, almost all other romantic relationships rest on the idea of fondness of company. You love being next to the other person. You love their jokes, the way they talk, the things they do, the brownies they make. You love being by them in all the highs of your life, as well as in all the lows.

And while our relationships are based on these very real human needs, it is only natural that along the course of being with someone, we will face some low points. These low points aren’t always dressed as crisis. You aren’t always fighting. Sometimes, you’ve just stopped doing things that got you dating in the first place.

Boredom is a real problem in relationships, and if we don’t address it, we might never know when we fell out of love.

The Problem

In this episode of Calling Karan, Arjun is facing the classic problem of boredom in an arranged marriage. He has been married for over an year now. When he initially met his wife, he knew that she was a little shy, but assumed it would all be good once they got together.

Following which Karan asked the obvious question

Which, well let’s face it, is a pretty lame expectation to keep.



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