Ishq Quickie | Sleepless Nights | Short Love Story
Ishq Quickie | Sleepless Nights | Short Love Story We all have that one late night long drive partner, don't
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Ae Ishq Hai Mushkil | Ishq Quickie | Short Love Story
Ever truly been in love with someone you know you will never end up with? | Ishq Quickie
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Does love at first sight work for those with bad sight? Let’s find out.
It takes men approximately 8.2 seconds to fall in love, says science. Well in this case, Tarun only needed one
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He couldn’t say it on a call so she bought him a flight ticket: Ishq Quickie
While Rehan is a typical hopeless romantic guy, Saumya is a sci-fi thriller geek. Yet they prove that love has
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Long Distance relationship never works. works*. #IshqQuickie
Daksh and Shubhangi proved that love is not bounded by distance. They lived miles apart from each other but were
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Short Love Story #IshqQuickie
Mudit and Richa made a plan to binge-watch a TV show on a weekend. Unexpectedly both liked the same show
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