Homes That You Once Dreamt Of !

Posted on: 19/03/18

Welcome to Rome! The city that has history bricked in its walls, civilization spilling through the gates of cathedrals, haunting, dilapidated ruins and an extremely colourful street life. Coloured and coupled with life and history, the past and the contemporary fuse in Rome to make it one of the most romantic cities in the world.

The thing about memories is you get only one chance to make them. When you not only go somewhere but live, when you not only travel but feel; it’s only then that you create picturesque memories. In this nook or that corner, in Rome, you will find some of the most exotic AirBnb apartments you’ve ever seen. Their peace, calm, and the aesthetics invite you to get overwhelmed, and welcomed at the same time, just as home a needs to be. Here, check them out!

1. Casa Vacanze Coloseum.
This quiet and soothing apartment of 2 large rooms is situated in a quaint and secluded Rione Monte area. The window looks away from the main transport street. A cozy balcony chat with the evening tea, or a tight cuddling sleep of sharing laughter, secrets and memories…you find them all here.

2. BB Pansiperna Apartment.
The best part about Pansiperna is one window looks down to a quaint, lonely street and the other towards an ancient botanical garden. Pansiperna is also fascinating for its location. It occupies a corner among modern bars, traditional restaurants and fashion and clothing shops. Despite the humdrum, Pansiperna is far away from it.

3. Looking for warm hospitality in a foreign land?
True that when you think hospitality in a place determines your travel experience. Meeting warm people in the other side of the world, greeting you to their home is one of the finest examples of living in a place instead of just traveling. Here’s where you get that. A cozy room of two, smooth transport availability of 24 hours and two warm owners to make your special journey a part of their lives as well.

4. Monti/Colosseo Zingari Apartment.
What deserves special mention is that this breathtakingly beautiful building situated in the heart of the Ethernal City is a historical attraction in itself . With the Colosseo , Roman Forum ,Vatican and its museums all just a few mins walking distance away, this apartment lives up to all your travelling expectations.

5. Charme & Comfort in the heart of Rome.
Charme & Comfort revels in its title and once you are there, you will now they meant every word of what they said. This apartment is located in close proximity to many important historical spaces like the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s a building of the 8th century, standing against a busy, commercial transport route, but not to worry. It looks back at a beautiful courtyard as well. For those asking for exotic, calm, yet need to reach places soon, Charme & Comfort is the best choice.

6. Espresso House Termini.
A fan of cozy corners but reminiscent of elegance and old age? House Termini is the best choice for you. Located very close to the metro station, easily navigable, and only one cozy room for just the two of you to sit tight, look out and count the stars.

7. Trastevere St. Garden House.
Located in the Portaportese, the apartment has a quiet terrace garden that you can access. Furnished with every other need tourists might need, it is one of the most favoured exotic apartment in the city.

8. Penthouse in the heart of Rome. Just close your eyes, imagine your beloved and yourself sipping away an ancient wine, as you watch the colourful city go by its business. This is the penthouse located near St. Peter’s cathedral, and is also very near to other historical centres like the Vatican, Castel Sant’Angelo and others. This corner of the city offers you shops with the ultimate wine collections as well.

9. Piazza di Spagna.
A place built to own. One window overlooks a busy street, another invites you to the beautiful Spanish steps just 300 metres away. Walking down that lane, you find the large Villa Borghese park, a hub for sports lovers. Sit on the terrace or enjoy a short trip through all the important crevices of history, Spagna is just the best home to be with warm welcome and exotic interiors.

Yes, we understand that the place you plan to stay in determines how your travel experience of that region would be. These exotic buildings and spaces are formed from remnants of the age-old civilization, not too far from the tourist destinations but far enough to seclude you from the humdrum affairs of life for a while. Isn’t that’s what home is?


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