Disney announces a cruise in Rome and you won’t believe what it looks like!

Posted on: 20/03/18

Remember Polar Express? The invisible night train which took Grand into a musical journey to the land of Santa Claus? Our childhood hearts thumped loud and clear, our imagination took us to even greater leaps.

All the places of our imagination left us with the note of love. From mountains to the stars, from the greatest heights to the deepest depths, we miss places we’ve never been, homes we never built. Perhaps, Walter Mitty knows best what it means to miss homes which never existed?

Back in our childhood, Disney coloured our imaginary friends. Today they have come to splash our love life with the colours of our childhood. Remember the old mountains you dreamt of every night? Or the never-ending forlorn forests? Yes, they exist. And Disney has come to take you there.

With the new Disney Cruise Line you and your beloved shall pass through the spectacular seaside villages of the Mediterranean. The cruise starts from the port of Civitavecchia, an old town near Rome. From the picturesque towns of Cinque Terre to the beautiful Amalfi Coast, to the French Riviera, to the most spectacular Spanish city of Barcelona.

Excited already? Yes. You have reasons to. This new cruise launched by Disney will cover Italy and southern Europe. The first voyage shall begin on June 14 this year. The Amalfi coast has been a real estate hub ever since the pinnacle of the Roman civilization. Since the Roman Nobles, this coast has been attracting people with its idyllic charm and perfect weather. The place is warm with no memories. Pour all your childhood colours while you visit the place.

The picturesque towns of Cinque Terre ranks as good as Venice, Florence and Rome. As the ship passes over the strange tides and reaches the city, you will surely be reminded of Calvino. Local transport is all that’s available (you reach the main city from the port by a local train). It’s charm is precisely the lack of modern civilization. Time’s slow there. A place to just be, and smile with your partner to know each other, to have existed together in such a beautiful place. And the amazing rugged landscape is there to witness you both falling in love all over again.

The new cruise shall drop you in the beautiful city of Barcelona. You surely have had glanced what this city looks like! Yea, dreams again.

Apart from this cruise, Disney has had planned for you seven different cruises that would end in ports of Alaska or the Bahamas or the Caribbean.

Choose from the colours you like best. Paint your memories with the colours of the yesteryears…


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