7 Urdu poems that make separation bearable

Posted on: 10/11/17


Let’s start this list of fire poems with one from Faiz Ahmad Faiz sah’b. This one marked Faiz’s venture into poetry with purpose. Presenting ‘mujhse pahli si mohabbat meri mahbub na mang’…

2. One of the leading Urdu poets of the 18th century, here’s Mir Taqi Mir or as his pen name or takhallus (Urdu for pen name *wink) goes, Mir, and two mesmerizing lines on pinning hope even during a farewell. BTW, but-kade is urdu for temples / holy places.

3. Meet Wasim Barelvi, Indian Urdu poet and winner of the Firak International Award. And stay amazed at how he pens separation in the most sublime way possible. He has a point here though, if you ask us!

4. And we will take a peek into Wasim sah’b once more, because this piece is for all of you who are still nursing that heart, and going all Simran for your Raj (or Simran).

5. Moving on, time to meet Syed Hassan Rizvi or popularly known as Shakeeb Jalali. This sher! THIS!

6. One of the best modern Urdu poets, Ahmad Faraz has this gem for people who are thinking of moving on – take note people!

7. Last, but definitely not the least, let us go back to Faiz sah’b once more. Remember what Dumbledore had to say in Prisoner of Azkaban? “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – keep your lights on!


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