7 things to do when you’ve already had enough Netflix and Chill

Posted on: 01/09/17

Love Netflix and Chill? We all know the drill.

We are too tired to make plans on weekdays. Weekends seem to be our only source of redemption, but the best laid plans always end up looking like forgetting what time of the day it is while in a TV show binge with bae.

Now, Netflix and Chill is all kinds of #RelationshipGoals and #WeekendGoals, but let’s not forget other interesting (albeit rarely practiced) couple activities that are worth your time.
As you keep reading, some of these ideas may seem interesting, serious, or goofy, but all of them have one thing in common- they help grow a relationship and understand each other better.


Bloggers Ahoy!

Create an online presence coupled with your significant other. Creating a blog or online page together will help enhance the partnership a great deal… The practice will give you a better understanding of your individual opinions, and allow you to navigate through the differing ones. After all, couples need not be identical droids, programmed to look at everything the same way – but it’s important that they accept and embrace each other’s differences.


Read, and read some more…

In an era where we stick to our phones and laptops like life support, reading as a habit has almost become redundant. Just like watching films, reading books together is both interesting and informative. Imagine touching their nape before moving on to the next page, or listening to them breathing very lightly as you read on. Goosebumps, right?!
Guess what? Science agrees with us too. So here’s the deal; go back in there, pick up a book you both like and marvel at the pleasant sight of the both of you sprawled across the couch, reading out to each other.


How do we look so great? Well, we workout.

What do you say to #FitnessGoals alongside #RelationshipGoals? We say Hell Yeah!
Couples who work out together motivate each other; push each other in a positive way. Also, it helps in anger management, as both of you can now release all negative pressure and channel it into something positive.
Going out for a jog or swim will also give you that much needed ‘we’ time – not to forget how handsome a pair you would make and all the compliments that will come your way.
Oh BTW, did we mention that shower together afterwards? Ahem!


Building blocks

Unpacking and fixing up the bookshelf can be quite a task, but then, if it’s done in a co-work mode along with that special someone, then nothing like it.
The process of literally building something together infuses a new confidence and joy in your relationship. Some also say that assembling furniture is quite akin to playing Ludo or Uno – it has the power to make or break relationships. So get on with it, put your compatibility to test – we are sure you’ll come out with flying colours.



We’ll save you from the obvious pun here on how gardening is not a bed of roses; we will however draw a clichéd analogy on how staying a couple and gardening, both require immense patience.
It’s a good way to spend time together, and even a better way to help the future. Gardening helps you strengthen your communication skills, your planning skills, helps enhance your patience and determination, tests your grit, and most importantly, helps you grow something together.


Game-Set-Match anyone?

Date night? Back from a gruelling day at work? Or was it the traffic? Whatever the case may be, juice up your life by co-opting to tasks that could have been done all by yourself. For example, taking the neighbour’s dog out for a walk? Or how about grabbing that console and asking her to be a part of your multi-player war game? Or you can always go offline and challenge him to your Jenga game.


Learning a new language together

Indulging in a co-activity is always fun, there’s so much to learn in the warmest way possible. If a couple learns a language together, they invest in shared knowledge. Going down the road, learning new languages helps a couple grow cultural sensitivity and understand the world with better clarity. And not to forget, foreign languages come in handy when when you’re surrounded by people .
So, here we are, Netflix and Chill is still great, but it’s not the only activity in our minds. Don’t stay cooped up, shuffling your mobile screens. Sit up and try something different this weekend.
This is of course not the be-all-end-all list but we offer a glimpse into a few interesting ways in which you can spark up your relationship.
Over to all of you now!


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