6 tales of childhood romance that will give you real nostalgia

Posted on: 10/11/17

Wouldn’t it be nice to return to those times when innocence ruled our hearts? A time when we found joy in the smallest gestures, and everything was simple but felt so impossibly complex. Let’s hop into the time machine and take a trip to see all those things that put us in the path of cupid’s arrow.

While in Nursery School:
We do remember that one teacher who actually cared about us, right? She took extra steps to ensure we came first. They made us want to go back to school after the holidays. Those of us lucky enough to have known a teacher like such have not forgotten about them.

Let’s talk about some special family friends:
A long, long (adding another for that special emphasis) time ago, when you actually came out of your room to talk to your parents’ guests, there was this one child in that group who you got along with more than others. You’d trust them with your toys; and when they left, ask your parents when they’d come again.

Childhood Besties – Bless you God for sending them:
This person knows all your secrets, your needs and you trusted them with your life. Every school day was timed to come back to see or meet this person. If you’re lucky enough, you’re still in touch. If not, your memories with her / him are some of your best ones.

First Crush, aaahhhh
For a rare few, the feeling was mutual and it felt great. It was like the world made sense when they were around. Homework would finish itself and time lost all continuity. That magic felt like it was keeping the solar system in place.

First Handholding, goddammit feels!
That casual graze, the electric touch of the fingers and that visceral need to not let go, we can go on. A casual summer evening had just become a permanent memory – just between the two people who shared it.

Monsoons were NEVER the same again:
An evening stroll with that special someone, a sudden downpour and a scamper to find shelter from the onslaught of the sudden storm. An evening stroll with that special someone, a sudden downpour and a nonchalant shrug from both of you, continuing to get drenched. The laughter was contagious; and it gave way to a deep conversation – sentences from which you carry till today.

After this, all of us just grew up. We grew complex and these simple joys just resided in our nostalgia fuelled afternoons and made appearances in our heads every now and then. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to what we lost? Wouldn’t it be nice to love, simply?


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