These 6 Shaayris Will Give you the Perfect Post-Break-Up Comfort

Posted on: 09/01/18

Our hearts are strange and fascinating objects. They can be as tough as dragon scales or as fragile as the butterfly. No one could completely decipher its nitty-gritty’s. But over the years some people found the perfect words to fit the secret ears of the heart. When the heart cries, but the eyes can’t, may it be for pain from rejection or when a lover leaves, these are the feelings which we all feel. We have got the perfect words for each excruciating feeling that hits you in waves while dealing with rejection.

 On Self doubt

Yes. This is the first thing we feel when our lover disappears. Don’t we deserve it? Of course we do. For those times, try and go angry on the world. They rejected you. They disappeared. You stayed.

Woh jo na aane wala hai na us se mujh ko matlab tha Aane walon se kya matlab, aate hain aate honge .! …

When you think fleeting love is forever.

Rejection or leaving always makes us think that this is the permanent state of being designed for us. We would die alone and hate ourselves for that. For those times:


You always deserve love, even when you think you don’t

It’s true that all the men you knew, were dealers who said they were through with dealing.’ Beside Cohen, Faiz shall soothe you too. ‘Shaam he to hai….’

On moving on but failing to. Yes, we know the feels. The secret ears and the secret tears shall seek refuge in Faiz’s words again. It’s okay to stumble along the road. Moving on wasn’t easy ever.

‘Happiness can be found in the darkest of times….if..?’ It’s not the end of the world. We all face rejection at some point in our lives. To be strong and look forward to life, is remembering to turn on the light.

If you need more pragmatic advice in dealing with rejection and the heartbreak that follows, let Karan do that for you.


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