5 signs that your partner has serious self esteem issues

Posted on: 29/12/17


‘Do you love me? Do you still love me? Oh no! You don’t!’

A classic annoying symptom of low self esteem: constant reassurance of love. Well, love is surely going to evaporate into thin air every time you ask them the same question. Even they have bosses and deadlines breathing down their neck. Amidst this, a non-trusting partner is really annoying.

They are never in the moment.

When they are actually with you, but are lost in a sea of insecurity and melancholy. And you can clearly see through that. It’s always about something or the other that’s upsetting them.

They’re jealous of everything that moves.

Because they are busy comparing themselves with others, before long your partner forgets to breathe. With their self-esteem tottering below sea level, they’re the Ishaan Avasthi in the sea of potential choices for you, right? They feel you can dump them for anyone! Anyday! Extreme jealousy might end this relationship sooner someone they’re jealous of!

You feel too alone now.

A low self esteem often leads people into isolation from the rest of the world. Their anxiety and jealousy slowly makes them abandon your friends, and theirs too. From isolation to disgust to regret to break up, it’s the perfect recipe of doom for your relationship.

‘Achcha sila tune diya mere pyaar ka!’

And then, the final nail in the coffin is hit. No one knows what happened, but after months of bickering and incessant quarrels and reassurances, someone leaves. Distorted imaginations, overthinking made-up problems, are all by-products of an insecure mind, a mind of low esteem.

Insecurity is a poison to fully functioning healthy relationships. We are all imperfect and that’s only normal. A relationship is a support system for your emotional growth, insecurities are hindrances to that launching pad.

So if you feel you’re in a relationship with someone who suffers not because of the kind of person you are, but because of the their own self-esteem, you should seriously consider addressing it to them, and helping them address what’s wrong.

Here’s Karan providing an expert’s view on how low self-esteem can poison a perfectly-working relation.



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