5 people talk about the best relationship advice they would give someone

Posted on: 12/09/17


Ever been in a relationship where you always seem to be dodging bullets? Like everything you say or do is setting off Danaerys on Drogon’s back and she’s going “Dracarys”. It’s time to get off that train and rediscover the romance. Here’s what five people have to say from their experiences.



It really isn’t that hard to do. Just concentrate on what your partner has to say and don’t think of that surfing dog you laughed at all afternoon.
Here’s what Ranjit learnt from being in a relationship for six years. . “You have to listen to your partner. Once you start, it’s like a whole new world opening its doors. You suddenly know why they’re in a bad mood and what to get them on their birthday! It solves everything.”


The little things

Not exactly talking about the piece of adhesive tape keeping Donald Trump’s tie together; but a little attention to detail goes a long way.
“Get to know their favourite things – colours, shows, actors, music – everything! It’s not stalking if you’re in a relationship with the person! Observe what they dislike as well. Be it traffic or slow buffering, just pay attention. It’ll save a lot of fight-time.” That’s what Prerna had to say after being married for eight years to her college sweetheart. That’s a lot of little things.


Keep it 100

Living in a glass house isn’t that bad. Not having secrets is liberating. You do not work for the CIA. “Be transparent with your partner. They deserve nothing less than complete honesty. Maybe you have a crush on a co-worker or you had one extra drink at the office party – they won’t care unless you hide it.” Rakesh, living with his partner for half a year now, had this to say.


Test Drive

Try it and buy it – as simple as that.
“Living in with your partner is amazing. I know the stigma around it in our country, but honestly, it was the best decision we took. We got to know what makes us tick – what we like, what we are uncomfortable with and most importantly, who snores louder.” Mrinal and Sudha lived together for three years before tying the knot. I wonder what they do when they have to buy frying pans.


Save your space

Would you let a large furry dog sleep in your bed? Scratch that. You probably would. But you get the idea! Draw a line around yourself. Some spaces should remain sacred – a recluse to be one with yourself. “I love carpentry! It’s been a hobby since I was fifteen. I know it can get a bit loud and dirty but it’s something that I just cannot do away with. If my partner has issues with that, they’ll have to find a way to make peace with it. That is my time.” Ravi has been married for ten years now and has two beautiful daughters with his lovely wife, Indira.

What are you waiting for? It’s not like anyone asked you to figure out if Pluto qualifies as a planet. (duh! of course it does. Pluto fo lyf! <3 )
It’s really not that hard and the rewards are enormous. It leads to that happily-ever-after that we all chase.


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