4 times Game of Thrones Characters Taught you About Love

Posted on: 09/09/17

Game of Thrones is ridiculously impossible yet hands down relatable.

It’s one of the main reasons why this HBO drama gained cult status in no time. So much so that even ex POTUS was supposedly gripped, it’s safe to say that President Obama was forced to take out time for the show, just so he doesn’t miss out on excellent small talk fodder and references for his state dinners.

The legend is only getting bigger as you read on. The 7th season premiere shattered HBO records with 16.1 million total viewers – if only they could manage to count people who wear eye patches and come armed with high download speeds every Monday morning.

Nevertheless, what’s feeding this giant? We believe our deepest desires and dreams are.

Shaped by outrageous contexts, in a time when civilization doesn’t even look like it existed at all; amidst the white walkers, dragons and people cutting each other like it’s no one’s business – the characters that take the story forward reflect us immensely. Their motivations and social interactions are as valid in Westeros and they would be in Westminster or in Worli.

Let’s take the case of love and relationships. GoT writers (+ good ol’ G.R.R Martin) have had immense fun painting love in all its abundance. Incest, homosexuality, political marriages, eunuch sex – love changes colours every 5 minutes into an episode and never loses its shine. Over the past 7 seasons there have been countless moments when GoT has added to our definition of love. Let’s look back at some of those instances that hit us right in the feels.


#1 When we got cut by words – while bracing ourselves against swords and cheekbones

As if Ser Jamie’s tall demeanour, chiselled cheek bones and his way with swords were not enough – he killed us a bit here with his shrewd observation of love and human nature. We are excellent at putting up walls and drawing lines when it comes to defining love and relationships. But ultimately, we fall prey to our most basic instincts and then spend the rest our days wallowing in misery when our definition of love doesn’t match the society’s. It’s interesting to remember the relationships that Jamie Lannister had in mind while proclaiming this timeless truth. He says he doesn’t blame Renly Baratheon for loving men, he doesn’t blame Lady Brienne of Tarth for loving the man (Renly) she was sworn in to protect and he didn’t say out loud but each one of us knows that he doesn’t blame himself for being utterly and irrevocably in love with his twin sister Cersei.


#2 When Queen Cersei had golden words for every woman who wants to survive the world

One episode into Season 7, the internet was dizzy with chatter about how Sansa’s hair is foreshadowing her future decisions.  She’s already showing all signs of turning into her own version of mini-Cersei, in fact she admits out loud to Jon Snow how much she’s learned from the woman and admires her; and no one can blame her. Cersei’s survival game is always on point and she’s been dropping feminist truth bombs like these since Day 1. This instance was when a young Sansa is about to marry Joffrey Baratheon, Cersei’s eldest born – Queen Lannister schools Sansa about how vulnerable love makes us and that we must give in to love only at times when it feels like we have no choice. We now know that Sansa took those words seriously, and women across the world did too.


#3 When we were reminded to be thankful for each moment in love’s blessed presence

Probably one of the most youthful and exuberant love stories in the whole series – which like everything else, was cut far too short. But moments with Jon Snow and Ygritte will stay with us forever and with them these golden words that make you remember time and again, that life is short, and to be in the presence of someone you love should never be taken be for granted. Live each moment with this person like your last – doesn’t matter if the moment lasts a minute or the longest time.


#4 When we realized that even the bravest fear losing their loved ones

This scene from Season 7, episode 2 has caused quite some stir across the world, albeit for questionable jokes that people seem to make out of everything. But truly it’s been one of the most sincere proclamations of love that we have seen in a long time. Greyworm one of the greatest warriors that we have known through the course of all these years with GoT – tears up at how his life has turned out to be, how he has lived every breathing moment of his existence without a shred of fear – and that’s all before Missandei showed up. It makes one realize that there’s no separating love and loss, they always walk into a room hand in hand.

Hat tip to the writers of this episode for pushing the boundaries of what consensual sex should be like. A man with little ability to enjoy pleasures of the flesh is solely motivated by his devotion to please his partner. That’s some bold steps, even for HBO.

The instances that we have spoken about above touch just the tiny tip of an iceberg. GoT is a mammoth and love – apart of its sustenance– winters will actually arrive if we keep on rambling and ranting about them.

We’ll thus leave it here. But do let us know about instances where GoT hit you right in the feels. Please share in the comments below.


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