4 Things That Every Person Should Tell Their Partners Straightforward

Posted on: 04/07/18

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If you’re not doing this, you should start doing it right away!  No one is a mind-reader, and if you really want to discuss an issue, you need to bring it up, and be obvious about it, instead of making it all the more difficult with each passing “nothing, I’m fine”. Being honest about it will make you feel so much better than just sitting there and stewing.


Sometimes we don’t tell our partners about us being uncomfortable with certain things just because we want to be woke. But the truth is, we aren’t. Like seriously, we aren’t. And that’s absolutely fine. They might just find it cute that you’re not comfortable with something. Voicing yourself in a calm, constructive and not so to-hell-with-you-and-your-attitude way, actually makes people see your side of things.
So if your partner is doing something which is making you uncomfortable, tell them. It’ll work in most cases.
It is really important to be honest and on-point about your own needs from any relationship. Being on a similar emotional plane with your partner when it comes to the idea of commitment is probably the most important cornerstone of any human relationship.
Imagine if you went out for a 5k run and halfway through you realised it was a full marathon?
If you aren’t comfortable with your partner’s friends, just tell them. Bring it up in the nicest way possible instead of getting upset about it. Now you might not necessarily be right, or reasonable, most people aren’t. But if you brought it up in a way where they could respond, instead of instantly thinking you’re an insecure, and over-possessive human.
They might not always get rid of their best friend, but now you’ll know that they know, that you don’t like it. And nobody has broken up so far.


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