13 Things About Rome that’ll surprise you!

Posted on: 21/03/18

Italy is a land of surprises. A country of colour, of zest, of energy. And food! Oh…how delicious they look in the google images! Don’t they? For all those moments you kept staring at the word ‘Italy’ in your bucket list, and then looked away (you don’t know why!), the explorer in you wished you didn’t. Looking for reasons to go there? We have some. Looking for tour plans and itinerary? We have that too.

Here are 13 aspects about Rome that’ll bowl you over!

1. Cultural Diversity.

Much like India, Italy is a land of diversity. Before unification of the land, all that existed were small states with different kinds of people with different kinds of habits. But unlike India, it’s small in its area. For a cross section of how diversity functions, visit this country of differences and astonishing beauty.

2. Fashion and Style.

Italians claim to be THE fashionistas of this planet. And rightly so! Which famous designer does not belong to Italy! Armani, Versace, Valentino or Gucci…all designers belong there. The more popular ones that this country has to offer are Germano Zama, Marella, or even Sandro Ferrone, for clothes, or Nero Giardini. If not anything else, visit Italy and window shop to your heart’s content.

3. You forgot Venice?

Do we need to say anything more? It’s Venice! A city where you don’t walk but sail and with some imagination you fly as well. Let’s not try to describe what it feels like in Venice. Just book your tickets, thank us in the comments after you finish the trip.

4. The desert islands.

Three desert islands…The Pelagie Islands of Lampedusa, Lampione, and Linosa lie between Sicily and Tunisia are strange desert lands that are fishing villages as well. You would find the peace and calm of the old world there amidst natural reserves that house deserts, beaches, people packed together. A strange land Italy is!

5. Roman ruins.

Ruins have a special relationship with Italy. One major reason to visit Italy is because of the ruins. UNESCO named Italy among the world’s most prestigious heritage sites and rightly so. Even if you’re not a fan of old life and history, make sure you visit the Roman Forum, the epicentre of the then golden Roman Empire.

6. The People.

Italians are loud, hungry, warm, chatty and food obsessed. When stationed in Italy, learn about their hospitality by asking them directions to a place. Just see how they come to help you. Engage in the street music and festivities of Italians and be a part of their culture. They would make you forget home.

7. There are ghost towns…

Did you think only America and East Europe houses ghost towns? Italy has its own share of ghost towns. In the southern region of Basilicata, amidst the rocky mountains, rather wrapped with them are some enchanting ghost towns. Very few people stay there. The old tales of Italo Calvino would come alive.

8. Okay! Here is something: Infinite cheese and Pasta.

The Emilia-Romagna region gives you the world’s finest cheese. Layered, gooey, sharp…whatever the texture you want, just name it. Some smiles and infinite amount of cheese awaits you. How can this not be a reason good enough!

9. The Churches will soothe your eyes…

Baroque architecture would leave you spellbound. What more intriguing is the meticulous detail of the churches. You enter the heart of Christianity and reach an array of churches which house paintings, history, its echoes through the walls and the calm associated with them.

10. Very hot cars…

The futuristic land has cool cars running and passing by the Churches. One feels as if stuck in a time warp there. And which country has museums for cars? Italy does. For Lamborghini, for Ferrari, for Maserati….a toast to speed!

11. Why forget the villages?

In rush to complete touring the cities, we forget the countrysides. Countrysides are always beautiful than cities because that’s where the civilizations started springing up. They have an old world charm. Tuscany’s San Gimignano, Manarola or Matera, the names are inexhaustible. And reasons to visit Italy too!

12. The Amalfi Coast.

A coast which comprises something for everyone. You would know what we mean once you’re there. A coastline that borders between the old world and the modern. The transport to reach there is by train, local trains. From one village to the other, you would surely find the home you’re looking for. Yes, we know the feels!

13. La dolce Vita.

As we said, Italians are loud mouthed. And they brag about their way of life. Much like Indians, they know how to live, with high thinking and simple living and red wine, of course. Sip the best of wines, drink from the best of life, have the best of all cuisines, meet some of the most beautiful people and that’s how Italy is crossed from your bucket list.


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