12 Hotels in Rome so comfy, you’d call them home

Posted on: 21/03/18

A quiet escape into a crevice of history, memories and love. The world doesn’t need to know about it. Just the two of you.

Rome has some of the most comfy and simultaneously exotic hotels to pick for your romantic getaway. The art that adorns the streets of Rome, seeps into its homes and hotels, and trust us when we say that you’re in for a treat when it comes to these 13 hotels. Hotels so cheap and comfortable, no other name would suit them but a ‘quaint corner at the far end of the world’.

Check them out…

1. Hotel Divine Rome

A hotel connected to all the important places you need to be in Rome. Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon…you name it. Divine Rome would give you the quaint corner you are looking for, the best perhaps.

2. Hotel Indipendenza

It’s what the name suggests. A recently renovated hotel that caters to all your needs, and the space you just need to be to sail to your memory-land. 😀 With 24 hours maid service and complimentary breakfast and excellent hospitality, Hotel Indipendenza is the perfect place for you.

3. Camping Village Rome

You have no rush in the world for the days you are there. Camping Village Roma has it all to make you feel at home. It has a spa, a wellness centre and a swimming pool. Located amidst ruins, Village Roma is a time warp.

4. Seven Hills Village

Far from the bustling crowds that come and go, Seven Hills Village invites you to a comfortable home with dreamscapes from your childhood. It has small cottages and is far from the main city. If you want to go beyond history, and find somewhere it’s not just marked history. History goes beyond dates and all that matters is the place where you are.

5. Piram Hotel

Mind you, this is a bit costly. But it has a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam bath and a rooftop terrace. A 10 minutes walk from the National Museum of Rome and a short stroll from the Servian wall as well. The ultimate place to begin your holidays where you get refreshed each day for each new experience.

6. Mario de’Fiori

For couples who want a mix of everything. This hotel has elements of Venice and Paris mixed with that of Rome. Close to Piazza di Spagna, this boutique hotel occupies two large connected hallways with terraces that offer you picturesque scenes of the city.

7. Relais Giulia

When your taste is more of the ‘less is more’ type, the minimalism of Relais Giulia will serve your eyes, ears and heart the most. The best choice of hotel for people who have no use of luxury hotels and fancy restaurants.

8. Hotel San Anselmo

Well, the traditional and the contemporary meet at San Anselmo. The Dickensian architecture and meticulous taste in the choice of painting and the remnants of lovers of the last century…Anselmo has so much to offer you at the cheapest prices.

9. Hotel Celio

Vintage Rome and a hint of early Renaissance, coupled with peace, calm and quiet. This sums up Celio. The ground level hides a gorgeous gold-leafed breakfast area.

10. Relais Le Clarisse

Looking for a home on the banks of Tiber? Not exactly on the banks, but just a stroll away is Relais Le Clarisse. Its style is reminiscent of Tuscan country houses, the monastery’s hub gardens are the special attractions of this place, just to pass by your time in the cool breeze flowing from the river.

11. Residenza Torre Colona

Standing in one of the oldest places in Rome, with an exterior of the medieval times and an interior of the contemporary. Torre Colona is one of the most unusual accommodating spaces to stay once in Rome. Neat, small, minimal rooms with authentic decor and a medieval feel. What more could you ask for?

12. Nerva Boutique Hotel

A charming hotel. Everyone who went there had these two words to say. Come here and experience the dual nature of the city. For Rome is as much village as much it’s a city. Not clear? You won’t be. Trust our words and book a room. Nerva won’t disappoint you.


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